Dundee Man Appointed an Advocate Depute

A Dundee-born member of the legal fraternity in Scotland has been appointed an advocate depute, the Crown Office in Edinburgh announced yesterday.

Advocate Mr Mark L. Stewart takes up his new role from Monday.

His appointment by the Lord Advocate Colin Boyd QC marks another significant chapter in the law careers of Mr Stewart and his two sisters both of whom are also prominent in legal circles, Nicola as a sheriff at Lanark and Lindsay as a barrister in London, specialising in civil matters.

The siblings are the children of former Dundee councillor the late J L Stewart, who died early last year, and his wife Joyce. Mr Mark Stewart was educated at Harris Academy - as were his sisters - and then went on to Dundee University, where he obtained an MA and LL.B prior to training as a solicitor with the local firm W G Boyle & Co.

Mr Stewart then worked with the firm for the next three years before starting "devilling" - an unpaid period of training lasting nine months - in preparation for becoming an advocate. He was called to the Scottish Bar in 1988.

His appointment as an advocate depute will see him changing roles from defending accused in trials to prosecuting on behalf of the Crown at High Court sittings across Scotland.

Advocate depute appointments are seen as important career moves and normally last around three years, with appointees then returning to the Bar.

"We are gaining a very experienced advocate and that can only be to our benefit," a Crown Office spokesperson said yesterday.

Mr Stewart (43), who is single and lives in Dundee, said his appointment had been an unexpected surprise.

He added, "I am delighted to accept this challenging appointment. It is a different part of the same job and I am looking forward to it."

Mr Stewart is scheduled to begin his first case as an advocate - prosecuting in a case alleging murder - at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday.

Taken from "The Courier", Saturday March 31, 2001