Olympic Chance for Student

Vicki Bunce, a second year student at Abertay University, is shortly to face one of her greatest challenges - helping the Great Britain hockey squad to a place in the Olympic Games. The squad will travel to a qualifying tournament in New Zealand next month, and Vicki is one of the 20-strong team hoping to win a place in the competition.

Vicki (21) recently played in a pre-Olympics warm-up tournament in Athens, where the team drew with current Olympic champions Australia and European champions Spain.

Vicki said, "The qualifying tournament is almost the biggest challenge that any athlete can face. I am delighted that I will have a chance to do my bit for the team, and help my country on the road to the Olympics, but whether or not we qualify, this is still one of the greatest experiences of my life."

Taken from "The Courier", February 20, 2004