Notable Former Pupils

In over a hundred years, many pupils from the Harris Academy have gone on to achieve considerable success in a variety of fields. Some are already recorded in other features in the FP site. This feature hopes to provide information about many others deserving of recognition, dating back to the earliest days of the school in Park Place.

Obviously, this list is far from exhaustive. Indeed, it is largely culled from "Harris Academy, the First 100 Years" and tends to concentrate on pupils from that period. Since another 20 years have gone by, it is inevitable that other former pupils who should be included in this list have been omitted. If you can suggest other names worthy of inclusion, please let us know.

Commerce - Education - Government

Where Are They Now?

In this section, we are hoping to build up a bank of pages giving details of the post-school careers of a a variety of former pupils. The feature has made a promising start and now includes details of pupils from several decades.