Dundee Street Names Quiz 2014

Recently the Association ran a Street Names Quiz. The solution to each clue was a thoroughfare (street, road  etc ) in the City of Dundee.  Judging by the small number of entries submitted (despite the large number of Quiz Sheets sold) lots of FPs have lost their way!!  For those who submitted their entries (and for those who were afraid to do so) here are the clues, together with the solutions.

 1  Civic leader lives here? Provost Road
 2  Shorten the way to the Harbour. Dock Street
 3  The way to the pitch. Blackness Road
 4  An advance on the flock. Shepherd's Loan
 5  And the goat too. Buttar's Loan
 6  Winebago engine failed here. Camperdown Road
 7  Excalibur found here. Arthurstone Terrace
 8  Crack O' Dawn Alley. Peep O' Day Lane
 9  Formerly Saxe Coburg Street. Windsor Street
 10  Copper-coloured copper. Brown constable Street
 11  Home of the Great Macedonian. Alexander Street
 12  Leisure area for East Europeans. Polepark Road
 13  Senior cleric’s crossing point. Abbotsford Place
 14  Royal trumpet blown here. Kinghorne Road
 15  Lady Chatterley writer's Street Lawrence Street
 16  Home to Grant and Phil. Mitchell Street
 17  Place to keep talking. Seymour Street
 18  Feel proprietorial here. Ure Street
 19  Admirable Street. Crichton Street 
 20  US presidential connection? Barrack Street
 21  Swap Centre. Exchange Street
 22  All together then! Union Street
 23  Beware citrus residue here. Peel Street
 24  Highway to a hospital. Ward Road
 25  Home of the campanologists. Bell Street

Congratulations to the winner, Mrs Sylvia Alexander who beat the best of the rest by 2 points.